About TCIG

While it’s true that we’ve been in the business for decades, our fundamental role has remained the same and is two fold:  We create customized benefits packages for businesses, individuals and families and we provide the educational resources so you understand how to fully utilize the services and products. This is what we do and it’s where we excel.


We are passionate about education.  It’s been the core of our business and the cornerstone of our success.  Our philosophical approach toward Client Relations has mystified others on numerous occasions yet we remain steadfast in our mission to serve You and your families.  We encourage you to explore our programs and give us a call to see how your business and employees can benefit through our unique services.


  1. We will work with you to determine what you need. No more, no less.
  2. Once we’ve determined your policy needs, we’ll implement coverage, provide information about all of the various aspects and educate your employees, using your preferred method of contact (face to face meeting, email or phone) ensuring that they understand the policy completely.
  3. ClaimAssist is TCIG’s full-service tracking, administration, and adjudication of medical and dental claims for all plan participants. We’ll coordination all necessary releases, authorizations, and privacy forms with all entities and handle the communications with your insurance carrier. For immediate access to this valuable program, please call Lisa Newkirk, our Director of Client Services at 800-439-4994 or email her at lnewkirk@tciginsurance.com
  4. We will keep an eye on your benefit structure to make sure you’re taking advantage of all tax benefits as well as ensuring that you’re receiving the best value for your insurance dollar.
  5. We are committed to assisting you with your research needs, access to resources, answering questions and troubleshooting your account.  We understand that Administration of health benefits can be extremely complicated and we are dedicated to making sure you understand in an effort to keep the task of managing your plan as pleasant as possible.
  6. We encourage you to use our feedback form to tell us what you need – what are we not providing that you could use or benefit from? We are truly listening.

IN SOME CASES, WE ACT AS THE HR DEPARTMENT – Some companies need help with Administration of claims.  We understand this and can help.  Please contact us if you need a comprehensive service package quote.


As Insurance Broker’s; our task largely is to negotiate services and benefits. Often, we’re able to facilitate payment of a claim or timely submission of a referral form, simply with a well placed phone call or email.  While benefits can certainly be frustrating at times, issues that develop are largely due to miscommunication or incomplete information.  We understand this and can help clear concerns up very quickly, for your convenience.


How do we stay on top of the info? Maintaining one’s insurance license requires ongoing education and training.  Our Associates at TCIG are properly trained and equipped to help you in every possible way. We’re also happy to pass our knowledge on to you – just ask!