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My health insurance rates go up every year!

  1. Stop changing plans and carriers every year
  2. Create a 10 year strategic plan to deal with continuing crisis in the US healthcare system.
  3. Educate employees about the healthcare and health insurance systems.
  4. Implement multiple plan options so employees can select plans best suited to their specific needs.
  5. Implement incentives for healthy lifestyles and penalties for unhealthy behaviors.
  6. Educate employees that their checkbooks will increasing be involved in every healthcare decision they make.

My employees hate their benefits plan.

  1. Change the expectations of employees about the company‚s health insurance plan by ending the entitlement mentality that employees have about zero-cost health care.
  2. End the adversarial relationship that exists between employees and business owners about the company‚s benefit plan.
  3. Educate employees about how the US healthcare and health insurance systems really work.
  4. Educate employees that maintaining health insurance plans now requires total new thinking.

Our health insurance claims don’t get paid!

  1. ClaimAssist is TCIG’s full-service tracking, administration, and adjudication of medical and dental claims for all plan participants.
  2. Coordination of necessary releases, authorizations and privacy forms with all entities.
  3. Comprehensive Excel spreadsheets of provider invoices, allowable charges and amounts payable for large claims.
  4. We handle all possible communications with the insurance carrier!

For immediate access to this valuable program, please call Lisa Newkirk, our Director of Client Services at 800-439-4994 or email her at lnewkirk@tciginsurance.com

My broker never returns my calls!

  1. Your broker gets a single digit or low-double digit percentage of every check you write to your insurance carrier. If you have multiple plans, your broker gets paid from every one.
  2. After collecting commissions on your account every month, demand to know why they don‚t return your calls.
  3. Demand that your broker return all calls within 24 hours, and provide immediate service and solutions to your benefits issues.

Learn about unlimited liability from cobra violations.

  1. Federal COBRA regs are extremely detailed and complicated
  2. Case law is constantly changing and continually imposes additional duties on employers.
  3. You ˆ not the insurance company – are responsible for all unpaid claims due to COBRA violations ˆ there is no statuatory limit on this liability.
  4. In addition to unpaid claims, you are responsible for non-compliance fines of up to $100,000.

Solution Outsource all COBRA responsibilities to a national COBRA service provider and insist that your broker pay the full cost.